Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

It started out as a sunny 75 degree spring day here, strange for me to experience the traditional North American cold holidays as hot here.

I was planning on making my granny's sweet potato pudding for the potluck Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Wendy LP's apartment in Las Canitas, but gave up after not being able to find buttermilk here in Buenos Aires. Sometimes, simple ingredients that we as expats take for granted are elusive.....sometimes found under obscure strange names or just plain unavailable.
However, our friend Terry was able to locate a turkey from Brazil through his restaurant supplier. Terry is the owner of the fantastically hipster restaurant 647 in San Telmo area.
If you are visiting Buenos Aires and you get bored with the usual Argentine suspects of bife de lomo, milanesa, and pasta....try his most eclectic menu that rotates every season.

Anyway, I digress....back to T-Day....we had about 20 ex pats in total attending the soiree and it was lovely with a nice touch of home and everyone contributed. I ended up spending 2.5 hours cutting fruit up to make a fresh fruit salad that everyone loved. Of course we didn't have the requisite football games to fall asleep in from of the TV, but the ladies at the party did make the men-children wait for dessert. Someone has to be the mother, I guess....he he.

Our hostess has recently announced that she will be returning to the U.S. now that her husband has his green card as has the green light from Homeland Security. We will be sad to see her leave in February likely as she has become part of the fabric of our expat community here. She will be sorely missed, but I imagine she will be back often to visit her in-laws.

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Dulce de Wendy said...

Thanksgiving was amazing here! I love how fresh the fruit was in your salad. Its so amazing how we can get fresh fruit here.