Monday, February 11, 2008

Argentina Experience Circuit Party for Charity

Well, the time for the big event is upon us. My good friend Rob Lemagno has been working tirelessly for the last 9 months to get this first year event off the ground. The Argentina Experience Circuit Party for Charity is a 3 day event filled with dinners, dances, and parties that coincide with the arrival of the Atlantis gay cruise coming from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ending in beautiful, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. RefreshMed is participating by hosting a botox party at the event headquarters, Axel Hotel in San Telmo on Saturday. We are expecting a nice turnout, which will help create brand awareness for RefreshMed. As we have all experienced, people almost always want to return to Buenos Aires to explore it more thoroughly since it has become one of the top 10 gay destinations in the world. For more information on the part please check out the event's website:
Argentina Experience
We will give an update after the event to let people know how it went and what they can expect next year. Saludos!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Return from self-imposed holiday exile (or at least escape the heat)

I am back after 3 weeks vacation in the states, visiting family and friends in Texas and California. I enjoyed getting out of Buenos Aires in what always seems to be the hottest part of the year....the week between Christmas and the New Year. I did miss my boyfriend Anibal terribly though, as it is not so easy to get him a visa to travel to the United States these days. When I was landing here in Buenos Aires on this most recent flight, I felt in my heart that I was home...I am becoming Argentine. I have been relatively busy despite the fact that both my primary plastic surgeon and dermatologist are still on vacation. Lots to do to prepare for the upcoming circuit party that coincides with arrival of the gay cruise from Rio de Janeiro.